If you know me at all you know I hate cliche definitions, but I digress.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. That's cute, right? You have heard that enough times that it no longer resonates with you. That's a shame, it's a powerful revelation you probably need to have.

Mentoring now close to 2,000 people placed me in a position of observation. I learn the most and can help the most when I observe people.

  • what they say
  • what they don't say
  • what words they subconsciously use
  • What their pattern is on a daily basis
  • How often they revert back to their default "settings"

There's a lot of elements of insanity in most people's schedules

  1. You go to work at 9am every day, work until 5pm, come home and do it again. Maybe you've been doing it for the past 10 years and you are wondering why your income hasn't changed. Because you're insane...
  2. You hear about an opportunity, whether it's real estate or other, get fired up and do a bunch of research, spend some money, time and mental energy, explain it to your friends, family and spouse for validation, get discouraged and then give up. You wonder why it didn't work. Because you're insane...
  3. Focus, energy, clarity: You have no schedule, no boundaries, watch netflix every spare second you have, eat like shit, sleep like shit, drink way too much and then wonder why you're constantly "sluggish".....Because you're insane.
See we often consider people with chemical imbalances insane. BiPolar, Schizophrenia etc... They are labeled insane because they have erratic behaviors at times that need to be silenced (usually by balancing a internal chemical). Whether they are in an institution or walking down the street you identify them as insane. "Crazy, Cray-Cray, Looney Tunes, Whacko".
I wish the same medication existed for the "normal" 9 to 5er who is baffled why nothing has changed for him.
The sluggish netflix warrior that is mind blown why he never feels 100%.
Are you insane?
For fun, identify 10 areas of your life where you are manifesting insanity. Post them in the comments if you're comfortable.
  • job?
  • health?
  • relationships?
  • Real Estate?
  • Mental or physical "gains"?

Again, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. One of our secret goals in The Kingdom is to break that pattern and replace it with a new paradigm.
-Jordan Stanley Payne